Arthur Frederick Sergeant (1882-1952), who founded Lilywhite & Company in about 1910 was a keen photographer and had previously set up the Halifax Photographic Company in New Brunswick Street, Halifax, and also took over a photographic business in St. Albans.

In 1910 the firm operated from Dunkirk Mills, West End, Halifax, but in about 1921 transferred to Lumb Mills (a former textile mill), Mill Bank, Triangle, Halifax, where 200 people were employed, with a City Office at 40/43 Fleet Street, London, EC4.

Mill Bank which grew from an ancient hamlet on the trading route between Yorkshire and Lancashire was the home of Lilywhite, printers of picture postcards and producing photographic paper, until a disastrous fire on 15th January 1931 which destroyed the building and the company’s negatives and prints.

Sergeant started a new factory at Mearclough, Sowerby Bridge followed by the company's final move to Brighouse. He subsequently sold the business to A. H. Leach. (1871 -1938)

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